Friday, May 04, 2012

Date Night ... Well, Date Weekend

Thank goodness for Grandma & Grandpa sleepovers.

My Mom & Dad are taking the boys tomorrow for an all day/night fun fest.
It will include "camping" in the basement, lots of treats,
 bowling and just about anything the boys want to do.

The boys are so excited. 

Well we all are !

I have to be honest ... I do get sad when the boys are not around. 
As much as I LOVE the "quiet" time, I always MISS them so much.
The house seems so BLAH without them here.

But ...

Hubs and I have not really seen much of each other these past couple of months.
Only in passing and while he helps 
me pack orders (if he is not already asleep on the couch).

We are both blessed with careers we love and we find much of our time working hard at them. 

Is it really work, when you LOVE what you do ? I think not !

We are so tickled, to be able to put it all aside and enjoy each other for the weekend.

We are WAY OVERDUE for a little "US" time.

Hope it does not turn out like this ...

Date Night ... LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie.

Here's to a GREAT weekend of fun, family and smiles !

~ Big Hugs Melissa ~


  1. Have a great date night - you deserve it!

  2. Hope you had a great night!. YOU deserve it my beautiful friend. Less than 2 moths until I get to hug you!. LOVE you!