Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh, Sunday ...

I have to be honest ... 

I LOVE Sunday 
(minus the grocery shopping).

It is the one day I look forward to each week. 
The one day I try to put it all aside. 
The one day we are all home ... together. 
The one day I get to spend with all "MY BOYS".

Today, an adventure in making butter cream frosting for 
our "box" cake recipe turned out 

We surprised Uncle Chris (a long time family friend) with our 
confetti BIRTHDAY cupcakes.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Adventure Ahead ...

Brag About Hand Stamped & Custom Jewelry has started a BLOG (finally)!

Not sure how this all works.
I am a little scared but very excited.
I am new to this, the whole "blogging world" (please 
be patient as I "try" to blog ... LOL) 
 It will be an adventure ... One I am looking forward to sharing with YOU !

Why You Ask ?

I want to share with YOU my passions, my drives and my inspirations.
I want YOU to get to know my family and I ... on a "personal" level.
I want to get to know YOU

I hope you will stay and join in this adventure with me.

~ Hugs Melissa ~